Led by a dynamic and experienced team, Rachel Industries is guided by leaders who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in hydrothermal technology.

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Our dedication to hydrothermal technology stems from a belief in its transformative power. We understand that the effectiveness of our products lies not just in their functionality but also in their ability to catalyze breakthroughs and usher in a new era of scientific exploration.

About Rachel Industries

Established in 2010, With the experience of the Labh Technology, Rachel Industries has a robust foundation deeply rooted in experience and has swiftly risen as a visionary in hydrothermal technology. As a company, it reflects a steadfast commitment to precision, reliability, and sustainable solutions in hydrothermal reactors.


Discover our hydrothermal autoclave, engineered for precision and reliability. Harnessing advanced technology, it ensures optimal conditions for chemical reactions and material synthesis, empowering researchers and industries worldwide.


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Industrial Sustainability

Choose us for your hydrothermal reactor needs because we stand at the forefront of innovation and reliability in the field. Our hydrothermal reactors are carefully designed, offering precision, versatility, and scalability for a wide range of applications in scientific research and industrial processes. With a commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability, our products meet and exceed industry standards. From customisation options to exceptional customer support, we prioritise your success. Let’s join hands for efficient solutions and a dedicated partnership.

Hydro Thermal Autoclave Capacity ranges from 50 ml to 2000 ml

Versatile Industry Solutions

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Hydrothermal reactors are widely used in the synthesis of nanoparticles, nanowires, and other advanced materials with unique properties. Benefit from enhanced reproducibility, scalability, and efficient optimisation, ensuring a competitive edge in advanced material synthesis for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Hydrothermal reactors are employed in biomass conversion, waste-to-energy, and renewable fuel production, enhancing reaction rates and promoting sustainable energy conversion practices.

While both terms are often used interchangeably, a hydrothermal autoclave specifically refers to a high-pressure vessel used for chemical reactions under hydrothermal conditions.

Yes, our hydrothermal reactors are designed with flexibility in mind. Contact us to discuss customisation options based on your specific research or industrial requirements.

Warranty periods may vary based on the specific product and manufacturer. Please refer to the product documentation or contact our customer support for warranty details.

Yes, hydrothermal reactors are scalable from laboratory-scale experiments to industrial processes, allowing for seamless transition and optimisation for larger-scale production.

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