Hydrothermal autoclaves, with their high pressure and temperature, are crucial in research labs for synthesizing nanoparticles, growing crystals, and processing materials efficiently. Their controlled conditions play a vital role in scientific discoveries and technological advancements.

Industries needs to be more responsible towards environment.

Our studies focus on enhancing energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and advancing sustainable practices across various industries. From catalysis research to energy conversion, our findings contribute to the evolution of green chemistry practices and efficient resource utilization. We are proud to shaping a future where precision, versatility, and scalability meet ecological responsibility.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Hydrothermal reactors are widely used in the synthesis of nanoparticles, nanowires, and other advanced materials with unique properties.


Revolutionise your chemical and pharmaceutical processes with our hydrothermal reactors. Achieve precise control over reactions, accelerating the synthesis of nanoparticles and nanowires. Benefit from enhanced reproducibility, scalability, and efficient optimisation, ensuring a competitive edge in advanced material synthesis for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


Hydrothermal reactors drive precision and efficiency in diverse applications, from biomaterial synthesis to enzyme engineering, fostering innovation in the dynamic field of biotechnology.


Experience streamlined biomaterial synthesis and accelerated enzyme engineering with our hydrothermal reactors. Our precision-driven solutions empower biotechnologists to achieve higher yields, enhanced purity, and faster reactions. Unlock efficiency in your processes, from biofuel development to therapeutic protein production, propelling your biotechnology endeavours to new heights.

Petrochemical Industry

Hydrothermal reactors in the petrochemical industry are used for catalysis, chemical synthesis, and waste treatment. They provide controlled aqueous environments at elevated temperatures and pressures, facilitating efficient reactions and the production of valuable petrochemical compounds. Additionally, these reactors play a role in waste valorization, converting by-products into usable resources, and contributing to sustainable petrochemical processes.


Revolutionise petrochemical processes with our hydrothermal reactors. Achieve unparalleled catalysis, precise chemical synthesis, and efficient waste treatment. Experience sustainable petrochemical practices through waste valorization, turning by-products into usable resources. Explore a new era of efficiency and environmental responsibility with our advanced hydrothermal solutions.

Energy Research

Hydrothermal reactors in the energy field are employed for processes such as biomass conversion, waste-to-energy, and the production of renewable fuels. They utilise high-temperature, high-pressure water environments to enhance reaction rates, facilitating efficient energy conversion and sustainable practices.


Enhance your energy research with our hydrothermal reactors. Harness precise control and scalable solutions to optimise reactions, expedite material synthesis, and drive innovation in sustainable energy technologies. Unlock the potential for breakthroughs in a greener, more efficient future.

Catalysis Research

Hydrothermal reactors facilitate controlled reactions in water at high temperatures and pressures. These conditions optimise catalytic processes, promoting efficient conversion of reactants into desired products. Hydrothermal environments enhance reaction rates and selectivity, making hydrothermal reactors valuable tools in catalysis research and industrial applications.


Harness the power of our hydrothermal reactors. Achieve unprecedented efficiency, selectivity, and speed in catalysis research with these reactors. Optimise your results with precise control over reaction conditions, unlocking new possibilities in catalytic processes.

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Hydrothermal reactors are employed in biomass conversion, waste-to-energy, and renewable fuel production, enhancing reaction rates and promoting sustainable energy conversion practices.

While both terms are often used interchangeably, a hydrothermal autoclave specifically refers to a high-pressure vessel used for chemical reactions under hydrothermal conditions.

Yes, our hydrothermal reactors are designed with flexibility in mind. Contact us to discuss customisation options based on your specific research or industrial requirements.

Warranty periods may vary based on the specific product and manufacturer. Please refer to the product documentation or contact our customer support for warranty details.

Yes, hydrothermal reactors are scalable from laboratory-scale experiments to industrial processes, allowing for seamless transition and optimisation for larger-scale production.

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